is pan-American. Members hail from all around the western hemisphere and have musical backgrounds that include a lifetime of playing reggae, soca, calypso, Latin, Brazilian, jazz, funk and rock'n roll.
In 1981 , the musical director and steel drummer of began playing the pans with the nation's oldest and largest steel drum band, the Northern Illinois University Steel Band. Since then he has performed with steel drum notables such as Robert Greenidge, Len "Boogsie" Sharp and Andy Narrell. Since 1990 Erich has regularly performed in the world series of steel drum competitions, Trinidad & Tobago's "Panorama." Erich has also been featured playing pans and percussion on: albums such as Peter White's Excusez-Moi, television shows such as Cheers and Northern Exposure, and feature film scores, Distinguished Gentleman, Steal Big - Steal Little and Speed 2.
come together out of love of music, excellence and fun!